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More Movies Please!

Apr 13, 2020

On the podcast this week, Steven and Sean are wading into some serious (and seriously funny) family drama in the Shawn Levy film, This Is Where I Leave You.

So why exactly does everyone want a piece of Jason Bateman? That’s the question we’re aiming to answer in this podcast episode. Is it his sense of humor? His bearded face? The rumor we’re creating right now about his desperate love of artisanal, hand-crafted saltwater taffy? Spoiler warning: we don’t actually figure this question out. What we do figure out is that the family in this movie, the Altmans, have got a whole lot of heavy issues going on. “Dysfunctional” just doesn’t seem to cover it with these folks.

The film does a wonderful job of walking a fine line between hilarious and depressing, which is impressive considering it starts with the death of a beloved family member. But hey, even in mourning there’s always room for healing as a family and getting it on with old flames, am I right?


Is this thing on?

This is a touching movie that we were happy to see and talk about in this episode. It also has one of the best casts we’ve ever seen. Jason Bateman and Tina Fey and Adam Driver AND Jane Fonda?! Come on, how much more greatness do you need?

(Recorded on February 19, 2020)

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