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More Movies Please!

May 3, 2021

On the podcast this week, Steven and Sean are off on an adventure to strike it rich with a couple other, well, let’s call them entrepreneurs. Will we keep it together? Will we go all cuckoo-pants bananas? It’s all in this episode about the 1948 film from John Huston, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

One thing’s for sure, and that’s Humphrey Bogart going full-blown cuckoo-pants bananas. I’m sure there’s some proverb out there about the seduction of riches being too much for most men to resist. Actually, that’s probably it. Why not?

The question this film wants you to ponder on is—would you do the same thing? Would the allure of thousands of dollars (or millions in today’s money) worth of gold infest your mind? Would you lose all common sense, followed by your very sanity and humanity? Would you be willing to kill other innocent people just for the chance to live a wealthier life?

Could you make it through an ordeal like Bogey was in without losing it all?

I think many of us want to believe that we’re better than that. We can resist the siren song of that temptation. Why would we ever fall that deep into the well of madness and end up trying to murder your comrades in gold? The thing is, so did Bogart’s character. He claims pretty early on that he knows when to stop, but then he starts seeing the gold and its potential. Suddenly, POW! Guy’s lost it. He’s screaming at people, suspecting them of thievery, leaving them for dead.

Maybe we’d all suffer the same fate, especially if this is all taking place under the hot desert sun. It’s quite the thought experiment.

And this is quite the movie. Trust us when we say that this film is a certified classic for a reason. Everyone on the cast and crew is firing on all cylinders. This is one of those westerns that gets stuck in your head and just won’t quit. It’s exactly the reason we chose to kick off our month of western films with this one. It’s got what all good films have: drama, action, great direction, and amazing performances. Do yourself a favor and go on the hunt for treasure with these characters. You won’t regret it.

(Recorded on March 15, 2021)

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