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Oct 12, 2020

On the podcast this week, Steven and Sean are convinced there’s someone watching us from the corner of the room. No seriously, he’s right there. We’re not crazy! He’s invisible and he’s watching us right now! It’s the 2020 film from Leigh Whannell, The Invisible Man.

I’ve just got to say right now at the start of this thing: Elisabeth Moss is wonderful. She’s just an amazing acting force. Sure, okay, she’s a Scientologist and that’s really not great, but hey, we’ve all got our flaws. Nobody’s perfect, right?

(Scientologists, if you’re reading, we’re totally cool. Don’t stalk or kill us. We’re not worth it. You’ve got more important people to intimidate and some ridiculous delusions to cultivate.)

But this film… Wow. Just wow. So Cecilia Kass is a lovely person who’s being terrorized by her sociopathic, vindictive ass of a boyfriend. He’s a real piece of work and is terrible to the core. Seriously, such an ass. Unfortunately, he’s also something of an optics genius and has invented a suit that projects from it a perfect copy of its surroundings. Essentially, it’s an invisibility suit. He can sneak around, perform crimes, and just be the creepiest bastard that’s ever lived without consequences. He uses this technology to perform some of the most extreme gaslighting we’ve ever seen. He helps convince everyone that Cecilia is big-time crazy. Quite the catch, right?

She’s not going down without a serious fight, though…

We haven’t experienced such a suspenseful and thrilling movie in a long time. This film’s got the creepy goods and makes use of it very well. We couldn’t help wondering what was around every dark corner. We found ourselves thinking, Is anything actually there? Are our eyes seeing something or is this all just a trick? Are we going crazy, too?

We loved this movie. It’s got a great story, amazing visuals, and sound design that just won’t let up on the creepy good stuff ever. This is an expertly made thriller that you should definitely see if you’re a fan of these sorts of movies.

You can thank us later.

(Recorded on August 20, 2020)

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