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Jan 25, 2021

On the podcast this week, Steven and Sean are becoming horse-people—yes, freaking horse-people—in the thought-provoking, subversive 2018 film from Boots Riley, Sorry to Bother You.

It’s safe to say that this film wasn’t quite what we expected it to be. Did it seem like it would be an intelligent piece of satire that does what all good satire is capable of—shining a bright, damning light on a major problem with the world? You better believe that’s exactly what it was. Did it give any indication that Armie Hammer was turning human beings into strong, tireless horse-people for increased corporate efficiency? Nope! I can’t think of a single trailer that gave that particular tidbit away.

That’s okay, though! If a trailer made for “mainstream” audiences gets more people watching this important film, then that’s a good thing. We should all be more aware of and empathetic towards the lives of our fellow human beings. And anyway, what film studio out there is going to risk losing money by showing off horse-people penises? Don’t hold your breath.

The actual film, though… What a fascinating condemnation of corporate culture. It’s not making any attempts to hide the ass-kissing and moral depravity that seems to be required of a person who’s worth billions of dollars. It’s clear that we’re seeing analogs of the Zuckerbergs and Bezoses (Bezosi?) of the world in the Steve Lift character. You know, the greediest, most powerful, downright evilest human beings of modern society.

This film depicts the backstabbing that corporate culture can demand and doesn’t flinch away from that horror. It’s saying you have to sacrifice pieces of your humanity if you want to “succeed” at life. Oh, and you’d better be a white person, or at least sound like one.

Really, this film should be required viewing for, well, anyone with a soul. It can be tough sometimes, but that’s not a good enough reason to skip it. Challenging yourself is a good thing to do! Give this one a try and then remember that we’re all in this together.

Let’s always have each other’s backs.

(Recorded on December 07, 2020)

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