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More Movies Please!

Jul 20, 2020

Get your ears ready for some goodness because we’ve got part two of Our Top 5 Favorite Movies mini-series zooming its way to you right now! You felt with us through Seven Pounds, you laughed with us through The Grand Budapest Hotel, and now it’s time to feel some feelings as we launch into another pair of amazing films.

This time we’re talking about some especially meaningful and important films in our lives. If part one of this series was the appetizer, then now we’re starting to get into the main course.

First up, we’ve got the second of Steven’s picks: Bella. This is a criminally under-watched film, which is frustrating since it’s been out since 2008 and is super great. That’s so many years and still, there are loads of people who haven’t seen it. Sean’s extra glad that Steven had him watch it as one of his top picks. Now they can both spread the word about this unique, heartwarming, and deep film about family and redemption.

Following Bella is the 2010 movie, Beginners. Gosh, what a touching and heartfelt film this one is. Not only is it one of Sean’s most treasured films of all time, it’s now the same for Steven. From its rollercoaster story of love between two people to its ridiculously charming dog and all the way to its bittersweet, beautiful father-son relationship, this film is absolutely worth a watch.

This is another episode of a series that we’ve been beyond thrilled to get out into the world. We believe more people need to see the films we’re talking about, so consider this episode our very strong recommendation for these films.

Get into it and tune in again for part 3!

(Recorded on March 5, 2020)

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