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More Movies Please!

Feb 24, 2020

In the inaugural episode of More Movies Please!, Steven and Sean welcome any and all to join us as we set off on this podcasting adventure. We’re here to talk about our desire for more movies in our lives. Please!

I mean, for the love of all this is well and good in this world, give us more movies.

Steven and Sean spent a good long while getting a couple microphones set up on Steven’s coffee table, battled against Fourth of July fireworks, and tried to keep their backs from seizing up as they talked for a couple hours on Steven’s living room floor.

The two had just seen the fourth installment in the Toy Story saga. Before settling into a conversation about Toy Story 4, they get sidetracked like crazy. They end up talking about nearly every other Pixar movie that’s been made instead of the one they just saw. There’s a lot of appreciation for Up and a bunch of wondering why Ratatouille isn’t talked about as much as the others. It’s all okay, though, because who doesn’t like a trip down memory lane with great movies from our pasts?

Eventually, the podcasting wheels get back on track and they both get into the nitty and gritty of Toy Story 4. Their appreciation knows no bounds as they bounce back and forth between the major story points and the wonderful characters, both new and familiar.

The hosts also toss in a heap of wisdom about age limits for movies and tv shows as well as the expectations we all set for the media that we love. Really, the back half of this episode comes down to loving what you love and probably learning to stay off Facebook and Twitter more often. Who needs to fill their lives with more of that nonsense anyway?

There was a whole lot of spoilers happening before the advent of our spoiler warning idea came about, so if you haven’t seen Toy Story 4 (or any other Pixar movie) yet, then consider giving it a watch before listening to this one. Or if you’re rebelling against the whole spoiler warning culture, then listen away!

(Recorded on July 4, 2019)

Links and Show Notes:

Pixar Animation Studios

Toy Story 4


Monsters, Inc.


Anton Ego Tastes Ratatouille - YouTube

The very scene when a mean food critic learns to lighten up and when Sean cried mightily in his home when watching a movie about a rat cooking food.


The glorious Batmobile from Batman Forever

The amazing shot from the first Michael Keaton Batman film that Steven tried to recreate

The Incredibles

A Bug’s Life

Toy Story 2

The end credits scene that was cut from Toy Story 2 - YouTube

9 reasons Game of Thrones season 8 was a huge disappointment

All the Waffles - Parks and Recreation - YouTube

The jaw-dropping visual comparison between Toy Story 1 and 4

I mean, seriously? I know that a major point of technology is to progress, but the amount of improvement here is nuts.

Nuke Town Escape (Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) - YouTube

The Meg