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More Movies Please!

Aug 28, 2020

We’ve got a one-two punch of an episode for you. Today we’re comparing both Judge Dredd and Dredd. One movie came out in 1995; the other came out in 2012. Which one is great and which one is a bit of a stinker? Or maybe, just maybe, we’ll learn that they’re both pretty dang awesome. To cap things off, this is our monthly B-movie bonus episode, so prepare yourselves for something amazing.

Most of the world has been decimated by nuclear war. Those who remain in sprawling, yet pretty cramped mega cities called… Mega-Cities. Outside the walls of the Mega-Cities lays a barren, scorched wasteland. Crime has run rampant in this new and horrifying future. No good beatniks feel emboldened to commit terrible deeds with impunity. It looks like a terrible place to live in. There’s only one force that can bring some sense of order to this brutal world, and that force is the law.

The Judges are this future’s peacekeepers and they don’t answer to anybody… Except for the law. And they are the law, so they only answer to themselves. And the law. Better not break any laws because you could end up finding yourself staring down the business end of a voice-and-DNA-activated supergun.

You don’t want to get on the Judge’s bad side because they’ve got itchy trigger fingers, no sense of humor, and a love for only one thing. You guessed it, the LAW.

Sylvester Stallone plays Dredd in the first film. Karl Urban plays him in the second. What we’ve got going on here is a good, ol’ fashioned Dredd-off, folks. Two Judges enter. They both fight over who loves the law more. One Judge leaves.

Who will it be?

When it comes to our monthly B-movie episodes, there’s only one question we’re trying to answer by the end of them: is this movie brilliant or a blunder? This time we’ve got to aim that question at two movies. How will Judge Dredd and Dredd hold up? In this post-apocalyptic podcast world we’re finding ourselves in, it’s our sworn duty to determine a proper ranking for these movies.

After all, it is the law.

(Recorded on July 2, 2020)

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