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More Movies Please!

Apr 20, 2020

On the podcast this week, Steven and Sean are melting our brains with the creepy Denis Villeneuve film, Enemy.

We discover right off the bat that this probably isn’t the movie you want to watch while you’re at work. Not in the least. Throw on something from Disney+ if you want to watch something while you’re supposed to be working because Enemy ain’t it.

Theories abound between us with this movie. Why are there two Jake Gyllenhaals? Are there two Jake Gyllenhaals? Why is Canada so yellow? And what the heck is up with the spiders? Arachnophobes, for the love of Jake, stay away from this movie! Sean is schooled by Steven by some of the finer points of the mystery surrounding Jake Gyllenhaal’s characters in this movie. Or is it character, singular? This growing realization about the characters in this movie blew our minds and we’re pretty sure it’s going to blow your mind, too.

Be sure to wear a hat, friend.

Enemy is a fascinating movie made by a director that, even as he was just beginning to get noticed by the greater film world, is clearly just showing off. This movie is tense, mysterious, gorgeous to look at, and incredibly well-acted. Jump on into this one and try to puzzle it out with us.

(Recorded on February 25, 2020)

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The exact image of us trying to figure out what was happening in this movie.

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Give the trailer for this film a watch to see why we’re commenting on just how weirdly yellow this film is.

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