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More Movies Please!

Jan 29, 2021

Guess who’s back? Johnny’s back! And this time he’s trying to take over the entire show. It’s a mutiny! A coup d’état even! We shan’t let him get away with this. Nay, say we! We shall fight him on the beaches, we shall fight him in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight him in the hills; we shall never surrender!

Nah, we actually invited him back because it was so much fun talking with him last time about Inside Man. This time we’ve secured him for one of our B-movie bonus episodes! We’re talking about a pretty dang Finnish film that also happens to star Samuel L. Jackson. It’s the Jalmari Helander film from 2014, Big Game.

What do you do when you’re a little Finnish boy who finds the President of the United States of America trapped in an Air Force One escape pod that’s crash-landed deep in the snowy woods of your homeland and immediately have some crazed terrorists and a bloodthirsty Secret Service member hunting you down? Well, you trek through dense forests, hike up snowy mountains, and get dangled from military-grade helicopters. You do everything you can to save the President.

You shake loose the boy you once were and become the man you’ve always dreamt of becoming!

Seriously, all that crazy stuff does happen. And it… is… amazing. If we ever find ourselves trapped in the frozen Finnish wilderness, we’re going to look for someone with a bow and arrow strapped to their back and determination burning in their heart.

You’re guaranteed to make it out alive that way.

When it comes to our monthly B-movie episodes, there’s only one question we’re trying to answer by the end: is this movie brilliant or a blunder? We’ll leave it to you to listen to the episode to find out.

(Recorded on July 16, 2020)

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