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More Movies Please!

Sep 25, 2020

Put on your finest Christmas duds and warm up those pipes of yours because we’ve got a comedy horror… musical in store for you? Wait wait. This one is a comedy and a horror and a musical? All in one movie? You bet your butt it is! For our latest B-movie bonus episode, we watched the gruesome and hilarious John McPhail film, Anna and the Apocalypse.

So it’s Christmas time in the U.K. and wouldn’t you know it, there’s a zombie apocalypse on. Just everyone’s luck, right? You’re about to finish up high school, you’ve got big plans to travel the world, and then everyone starts turning up dead! Or rather, undead.

This is exactly the predicament Anna Shepherd finds herself in. Dang it, she just wants to start living the life she wants to live already! She wants it so bad that she’s singing it out loud. In fact, everyone’s singing in this one. It is a musical after all.

But what’s to be done when zombies start taking over and eating everyone? Well, as the age-old wisdom goes, you start bashing in some zombie brains if you want to make it out alive. If you’ve still got a song in your heart, well then you’d better belt it out, as well. You never know how many of those opportunities you’ll have before you end up dead.

Damn! I mean undead. Undead! Sheesh. You’d think I’d never seen a comedy horror musical about a zombie apocalypse before now or something.

When it comes to our monthly B-movie episodes, there’s only one question we’re trying to answer by the end: is this movie brilliant or a blunder? We’ll leave it to you to listen to the episode to find out.

(Recorded on July 23, 2020)

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